FLASH Success – The first programmable Impulse System

Yesterday I was chatting with a chiropractor who purchased a Curatron FLASH PEMF System from us a couple of months ago. In the past, he had used a PEMF100 which had frightened himself and some clients. It was the article I wrote about power at our FLASH website that convinced him to give the new FLASH…

Impulse, FLASH, Ringer, Hummer, Oscillator PEMF Systems

It seems that the world of PEMF has spawned a whole bunch of new words. The words confuse me, and I’ve been part of the PEMF world for nearly twenty years. Let’s try and set the record straight. This is a dream but I can try. The words Hummer and Oscillator are typically the same…

Fracture Healing and the Curatron

We are often asked about the Curatron and its ability to help with fracture healing. PEMF has been used for fracture healing for many years. Fractures can be treated and healed with PEMF Once a fracture is formed, blood supply to the area will carry nutrients and new bone tissue will be formed with time.…

FLASH – Impulse or Ringer System Introduced

ARE YOU CONSIDERING A TESLAFIT PLUS or DCM3500? As you read on, remember “The Other Guys” are the DCM3500 and the Teslafit+ (TeslaFit Plus). Both are inferior to the FLASH and have very few (three) built in programs , no timer display and lower intensity than the FLASH. The FLASH can be PC/MAC Computer Controlled and…

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